Monday, September 10, 2007

Homework, 9-11-07

Who is Luke Wrobleski and how is he qualified to write about the web?
Luke Wrobleski is the head of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, which created the first web browser. He runs his own company, LukeW Interface Designs, and also teaches media courses at the University of Illinois. Years of experience and recognition in working with the internet and design lend him the credibility to speak on this subject
Does LW adhere to a strict sense of "rules" and what are some of the rules or design standards mentioned? (In the preface and 'how to use this book')
As everyone is different, with unique opinions and preferences, there are not strict rules. However, there are certain “design considerations” that should be followed to make a site good for everyone. These are basic rules upon which a site should be grounded, which after establishment a site can be free to flourish creatively. As in all art and design, there are technical, structural and aesthetic laws that, when followed, lead to a better piece.
How do you plan on categorizing the info for your portfolio (graphic design, photography, artist statement, resume...)?
I want to have a very simple, clear site that is just meant to showcase my work. I hate sites that are overwhelmed with every single piece the artist has ever done, and new browsers open for each piece. I want to have simple thumbnails of some of my best work, to get an idea of my style. I will have a photography, fine art, and graphic design section. I will also include a link to my artist statement, contact and blog in a separate section.
Who is your audience and how do you define them (peers, potential employers, potential customers?)
For now this page is for my peers-my family, friends and other artists. I want to have a page that shows my style and what I do. As my work and experience progress, this will ultimately be aimed at prospective clients if I start doing freelance design. At that point I would still like it to be a snapshot of my style more than a strict resume.
What IS web 2.0?
The second generation of the web. It is a term for a new wave of thinking about how the web should function, and focuses more on how users and sites can interact and collaborate.